Position Descriptions

President – VACANT

  • Presides as chairperson at all meetings of the executive and community association;
  • Is responsible for preparation of the agenda for meetings;
  • Has signing authority for documents and cheques drawn on community association funds;
  • Represents the association to the various levels of government and other agencies;
  • Ensures that all executive members are adequately trained in their duties and functions;
  • Is ex-officio member of all executive committees and designates jobs to committees.

Vice President – VACANT

  • In the absence of the President, assumes all authority and responsibility generally designated to the President;
  • Assists the President with the leadership and direction of the association;
  • Is responsible for coordinating all standing committees.

Past President

  • Is a member of the executive for a minimum of one year following the expiration of his/her President’s term;
  • Provides guidance and support for the President Elect and the Board of Directors;
  • May assume responsibilities as determined and designated by the executive;
  • Chairs meetings in the absence of both the President and President Elect.


  • Records, preserves, distributes and reads the minutes of all executive, general and special meetings of the association;
  • Keeps a record of all committees and committee members and maintains attendance records of the executive;
  • Is responsible for notification of all executive members of next meetings;
  • Handles all correspondence as directed by the executive.

Treasurer – VACANT

  • Keeps regular books and records of the association’s finances;
  • Has signing authority on documents and cheques drawn on association funds;
  • Prepares and presents financial statements for regular association meetings;
  • Presents the annual financial statement at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Prepares a budget projection, in consultation with board members, for executive approval at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Indoor Program Coordinator (s)

  • Is responsible for the coordination and management of all indoor recreation activities in cooperation with the Community Services Department and the School Boards;
  • Is responsible for appointing indoor coordinators (as required) and assigning their various duties.

Newsletter Coordinator(s)

  • Is responsible for the preparation of all association newsletters and other such communiqués.
  • Receives advertisements, issues invoices, arranges printing.
  • Arranges the delivery of association publications.

Soccer Coordinator – VACANT

  • Soccer program is currently offered though the Caswell Hill Community Association, and a new Soccer Coordinator could spend a year partnering with them to learn the ropes. 
  • Acts as liaison with the community association and respective sport organization;
  • Is responsible for recruiting and appointing coaches;
  • Represents his/her respective sport at all meetings of the association.
  • Approximately 15 hours per month in April and September, plus 1-3 hours per month outside of “gearing up” months.
  • These documents give more information:

Rink Coordinator – VACANT

  • Is a member of the Board of Directors;
  • Is responsible for coordinating the operation of the community outdoor rink;
  • Completes grant applications for rink improvements;
  • Approximately 1 hour per week during the winter season;
  • Supervises all staff that is either hired or volunteer to work at the rink.

Social Coordinator

  • Is responsible for organizing and coordinating all social activities and functions for the neighbourhood served by the community association.

Membership Coordinator

  • Is responsible for recruiting neighbourhood residents as potential board or committee members.

School Community Council Liaison

  • Is responsible for representing the School Community Council at all CA meetings;
  • Is responsible for reporting to and representing the CA at all SCC meetings.

Members-at-Large NOTE: We are always happy to have new members-at-large; a great way to get to know what the community association does, and help out without taking on a more specific role.

  • Are directors that are available for appointment to duties, responsibilities and committees as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors

Website Coordinator – VACANT

  • Maintains the community association website including updating information, removing outdated information and managing the regular postings of the board of Directors.
  • Administrator for the Facebook page, posts items of interest to the community

Click here to view the City of Saskatoon’s Community Association Volunteer Handbook.