Water Meter Upgrades coming soon

** WATER METER UPGRADES coming soon – see details below for information on how to book your appointment to help make the process go smoothly. **

Water meters will be getting upgraded in Hudson Bay Park from September 14 – October 22.

A few details:

* Water meter upgrades are necessary for your meter to work with the City’s new automated system. It is mandatory for all Saskatoon Water customers to have this upgrade.

* The new meters will be an improvement – they’ll track how much water and power you use, rather than offering an estimate which can sometimes lead to surprise ‘catch up’ bills.

To help with this you can:  Watch for a letter and sign board(s) letting you know when work will be done in your area.

NOTE: Customers must book an appointment for the technician to enter the home; someone must be at home for the appointment; appointments generally take 15-30 minutes.

– Appointments are available Monday to Saturday, with some evening appointments.

BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT: To book an appointment Phone: 306-986-1731 Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Leave a message after hours) E-mail amiwatermeter@saskatoon.ca Text 306-250-6008, or book one online at: https://www.saskatoon.ca/services-residents/power-water/water-wastewater/water-meters/water-meter-ami-project/water-meter-ami-online-booking%20

NO COST: There is no cost to the customer to have this work done.

NOTE: If you don’t make an appointment when we first come to your neighbourhood, it could be two years before we return to your area.

* We’ll also be upgrading the electrical meters, but we don’t need to get into your home to do this.


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