A Great Day for the Community BBQ and AGM

Thank you to everyone who helped make our community BBQ and Annual General Meeting (AGM) a fun day for all!

It was so nice to see new faces along with familiar ones at the BBQ/AGM today.  We could not have asked for better weather!  Thank you so much to the fantastic youth group for setting up the soccer cage, and to Deanna and Jasmine with the giant Jenga game and other fun stuff from Mayfair Library.  Also thanks to Evan for taking care of the bouncy castle, and Elden for all your help at the BBQ with Bob.

IMG_0047    IMG_0049  IMG_0048  IMG_0044IMG_0045    IMG_0053

We also want to give a warm welcome to newcomers Tara, Eric, Rachelle, Raelene, and Diane.  They have volunteered to help with the community newsletter, soccer, the secretary position, and in a member-at-large capacity.  Along with new additions to the community association, member Anna Cole has moved up to President, Janet Jackson is Rink Coordinator, and Robert Rudachyk and Dave Newton have moved to a Member at Large position.  We’re happy that our other members are staying with us for another year, and you can read the list of volunteers here: https://hudsonbayparkmayfairkelsey.org/executive/

IMG_0039  IMG_0036  IMG_0054

We still need a volunteer for Website Coordinator (simply keep this community website updated with current community-related news), so please contact us if you can help:  https://hudsonbayparkmayfairkelsey.org/executive/descriptions/

We’re looking forward to a new year, with the first community association meeting being held on Wednesday, September 24th at 7pm, Ecole Henry Kelsey (in the staff room) at 16 Valens Drive.  Open to any residents in the Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair and Kelsey-Woodlawn neighbourhoods.

Please join us at one of our monthly meetings, and contact us any time if you’d like more information on community programs and events, as well as community volunteer opportunities in your neighbourhood.

IMG_0041  IMG_0043  IMG_0046  IMG_0034


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