Parkway Closure

This is a public service announcement regarding the potential closure of the walkway at 34th Street and Ave. J and Ave. I north

Thank you for your attention to this time sensitive matter!

An application has been made to the City of Saskatoon to PERMANENTLY CLOSE this walkway.

Where is it? Ave I north and 34th Street west

Aveneu I pathway

For those coming from the west, it leads to 34th street and the community of Mayfair.

This route is often used to access businesses on 33rd (with the advantage of walking, biking, wheeling, on a less busy, dusty, slushy street), it is used by children returning home from Henry Kelsey school, as well by people travelling to the Mayfair library, the spray park/ A.H. Browne park, Mayfair Community school with it’s playground, soccer field and daycare and more.

This application is now moving forward. If the community wants to have a voice and to be heard, there will be only one chance to do so.

The applicants have until the end of November to submit their final paperwork at which time it will go to council. What can we do as a community?

Present a petition at the council meeting signed by community members asking that the application to close the walkway be denied. 2) Speak at the council meeting voicing our reasons for wanting the walkway to remain open. What can we do individually?

  1. Sign the petition when presented with the opportunity.
  2. Help gather signatures.
  3. Spread the word by sharing this message.
  4. Speak at the council meeting if/when the time comes.
  5. Express your concerns to the local city councillors (Darren Hill is our local city councillor while Pat Lorje represents Caswell Hill)

Signing the petition: The petition can be signed at the following locations:

** Communication among neighbors is the key to affecting change! This walkway closure would also affect other neighboring residents such as Caswell Hill and Westmount. Please consider including them in your conversations as well. Volunteering to gather signatures can be as simple as getting a handful from the neighbors you already talk to, over the next month. Ask for a petition. Collect a few signatures. Many handfuls together is what is going to make the difference. It doesn’t have to be daunting or uncomfortable. It can simply become part of the conversations already taking place between neighbors in our community. Try starting with” Hey have you heard that walkway is going to be closed?’ To obtain a petition please email Vivian at


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