Mayfair and city hall divided over permanent traffic diverter

From CKOM News

City of saskatoon fb traffic diverter avenue c 38 street march 12 2013 3

A temporary traffic diverter in Mayfair for the last 18 months could become permanent.

The city’s transportation department installed a temporary diverter at the intersection of Avenue C and 38th Street after receiving complaints about shortcutting traffic speeding through Avenue C to get to Circle Drive and the airport, said manager Angela Gardiner.

“We went out to the public with a few different options and this (diverter) was the option preferred by the residents in attendance, so we pursued it as a temporary measure and we’ve now confirmed that yes it has addressed the concerns that were brought to our attention,” said Gardiner.

Gardiner’s department is recommending a permanent diverter after monitoring traffic patterns in the area. She will present her recommendations to the Planning and Operations committee on Tuesday.

The recommendation comes following a neighbourhood survey mailed out in October. Of more than 1,500 handed out, only 191 were returned.

Twenty per cent of the 191 supported the permanent diverter, while 80 per cent were against it, according to a city report.

Robert Rudachyk is the president of the Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair community association. He is amongst the 80 per cent not in favour. He said the diverter was a bad idea to begin with, and installing a permanent diverter is the worst thing the city can do.

“What they should have done is cut the corners of the (Avenue C/38th St) intersection and put a roundabout planter in the middle so vehicles have to slow down to get around it without impeding traffic flows in either direction,” said Rudachyk.

Rudachyk is also concerned with where the traffic from Avenue C is being diverted to. With an outdoor playground and splash-park at the A. H. Browne Park, he said doubling the amount of vehicles down that road is dangerous.

“All these people rushing to get to where they need to go are flying past an area where kids in the neighbourhood play,” he said.

Gardiner said many respondents who opposed the permanent diverter expressed did so in light of what was happening on Avenue D.

“While they said they were opposed, they were opposed for specific reasons and those specific reasons were mostly on Avenue D and we have addressed those concerns with additional traffic-calming and including some stop signs and yield signs,” said Gardiner.

At the moment, traffic-calming measure include speed limit signage, temporary curb extensions and zebra crosswalk on Avenue D North and 37th Street to improve pedestrian safety.

The recommendation will be presented and debated on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in council chambers.


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